Iron Powder

It is manufactured in many different grades for various applications. We can help you choose the best iron powder for your specific application. If the iron powder you need is not a stock item, we will be happy to supply you according to the specifications you need.

Sintered components, soft magnetic components, soldering, iron supplement, friction products, printing, surface coating, welding,  high purity fine iron powders are used for chemical and polymer filtration.

Iron powder products are classified in purity, production method, grain and density.

The techniques used in the manufacture of metal powders determine many properties of the powders. The geometric shape of the powder can be very different from the spherical to the complex shape depending on the production method.  The surface condition of the powder also varies according to the production method. Most materials can be powdered using a technique appropriate to their properties. Among many powder production techniques, the following techniques are commercially used

  • Mechanical methods
  • Chemical methods
  • Electrolysis method
  • Atomization methods

We can supply iron powder in desired quantities.

0-32 microns – 0-32 μm

0-50 microns – 0-50 μm

0-100 microns – 0-100 μm

0-250 microns – 0-250 μm

500 microns – 500 μm

1 mm

2 mm

In addition to the above-mentioned powders, we can also produce your special requirements.